April 5 to 20, 2024


A unique collaboration is about to begin throughout Limburg. The province, municipalities, venues, music schools, amateur art and educational institutions are joining forces to meet the growing demand for jazz and related music styles. Together, they are building a regional music community for all Limburgers and music lovers far beyond, aimed at entertainment and inspiration, for both makers and listeners and visitors. 

Musicians and audience sit in the front row in musical Limburg

International top musicians, local emerging talents, but also educational institutions meet on equal terms. An important part of the cooperation is a deep social anchoring in the Limburg community through workshops and concerts. 

Partners are leading stages, the municipality of Maastricht, the province of Limburg, complemented with the Jazz Maastricht Foundation as service partner. 

As a first step, an annual inter-city jazz festival will be held in various Limburg cities and regions from 2022 onwards: JazzOUT Fest Limburg 2022. A pioneering platform where audience and creator can benefit from an extraordinary exchange of knowledge and sharing the love for music. In the nine days before Easter, concerts are alternated with an educational and social festival programme. The organisation is in the hands of Stichting Intercity Jazz Limburg (StIJL).