April 5 to 20, 2024



The organization of JazzOut Fest Limburg is in the hands of Stichting Intercity Jazz Limburg (StIJL). 

StIJL wants to translate the jazz characteristics of innovation, communication and improvisation into an inspiring, contemporary and accessible festival for all Limburgers. Within one event, JazzOut Fest Limburg offers a good balance between entertainment, deepening and inspiration. Musicians from the Dutch, Belgian or German jazz communities form the basis of the programming, complemented by national top and world-class artists. The addition of an extensive educational and social program, JazzOut Fest Community, also challenges participants to participate.

YeszzOut Fest Limburg thus enriches the (cultural) life of the inhabitants of Limburg and beyond. We contribute to a vibrant province and strengthen the mutual cooperation between cultural institutions in Limburg.

Genesis of JazzOUT Fest Limburg project

Already in 2019, Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen and Jazz Maastricht Foundation put their heads together with the ambition to organise a jazz festival together. Both organisations have a track record with several successful festivals with JazzOUT! as the latest Heerlen feat. For the central direction of this new initiative, Stichting Intercity Jazz Limburg (StIJL) has been established. 

We offer the international jazz top, regional talent and everything in between a platform to present themselves to the Limburg audience. Imaginative musicians not only visit Limburg, but leave an inspiring footprint by working with local musicians. With that in mind - making sure the impact is lasting - we also want to invest in the community: using jazz as a means to strengthen society, offering targeted workshops and other activities for the benefit of youth, vulnerable groups and amateur musicians in the province.

With the necessary political support in our pocket, we went around with our story to leading partners we wanted to involve in this project, and all parties approached were enthusiastic from the start about this special, province-wide cooperation. In addition to initiators Parkstad Limburg Theaters and Jazz Maastricht, Theater aan het Vrijthof - Maastricht, ECI Cultuurfabriek - Roermond, Grenswerk - Venlo and De Maaspoort - Venlo are collaborating on this ambitious plan. In addition, several cultural, social and educational institutions are joining in, reaching a large part of the province.

And so now a multi-day, multi-faceted Jazz Festival has emerged throughout Limburg! What was still missing was a name. With the name JazzOut Fest Limburg we adopt the name of Heerlen's top festival and pull it wider into a jazz festival aimed at the entire province.

Details of the foundation

Intercity Jazz Limburg Foundation (StIJL).
P.O. Box 34
6200 AA Maastricht

Chamber of Commerce registration number: 64746844
VAT number: NL855814767B02
RSIN number: 855814767

StIJL has the ANBI status. For more information: info@jazzoutfest.com.

Additional Information

Compensation Policy
2022 Annual report Stichting Intercity Jazz Limburg (StIJL).

Composition of the Supervisory Board

Director - Marita Hamers

Koos Haasteren -Chairman

Florentyna Petit 

Jos Willems