April 1 to 15, 2023

JazzOUT Fest Community

JazzOUT Fest Limburg is there for all Limburgers and therefore involving various target groups in the festival is an important goal. We therefore challenge different groups to participate in the educational/social program: JazzOUT Fest Community. 

In cooperation with local venues and educational partners, a program has been put together for this purpose at various locations. There will be workshops and master classes for amateur and professional musicians and improvisation workshops for school children, for example (under the heading "Musician for a Day"). Jam sessions will also be organized in some cities where professionals and professional students challenge each other musically. 

In 2022 zijn er in totaal meer dan 50 workshops/masterclasses georganiseerd voor meer dan 700 deelnemers met een grote diversiteit in sociale achtergrond, opleidingsniveau en leeftijd (4 tot 90<).  We maken snel het JazzOut Fest community programma van 2023 bekend! 

JazzOUT Fest Community is made possible by: